Taylor Franklyn- Managing Audio Engineer

Immersed in music from childhood, Taylor began producing tracks as a teen and then trained in an audio/video vocational program. Since then, he’s been pushing out moving and innovative sounds that have impacted charts and nightclubs across the world.

From playing overseas events to tearing up local clubs or working with influential artists such as Chrizz Luvly and Transform DJ’s, Taylor brings a resounding excitement to the atmosphere you won’t soon forget. Recent and upcoming DJ gigs include US cities and Brazil, Guatemala, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Finland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Africa, and Mozambique.

As Managing Engineer of the studio, Taylor is passionate about providing Denver’s talented the best quality in musical, radio commercial, audio-book and HD products. If you’re looking for a recording studio whose engineer has keen ears, can relate to your music, and can meet your production needs, you’ve found the right place.

taylor@live music.com • 720.326.8398

Listen to our Managing Engineer’s Album released Oct, 2016. Never Alone by Transform DJ’s. Itunes

Frank Burg- Business Manager/House Drummer

Frank-Headshot-150x150The son of a well-known Denver music celebrity, Frank Burg is an accomplished drummer having played professionally since his first professional gigs in high school where Wipe Out and Johnny Be Good were featured.

Previously playing in Southern California, Frank has enjoyed live gigging and studio recording with musicians from Amy Grant, Johnny Cash, and Chicago. These days Frank enjoys traditional jazz, smooth jazz, black gospel, funk, swing, and traditional rock and roll.

Outside of music, Frank served six years on the Colorado Advisory Council to the Attorney General on Consumer Credit and accumulated 23-years in the finance industry. His leadership in business matters and as the House Drummer of The Denver Recording Studio is a great asset.

Lyn Burg- Studio Manager/Vocal Coach

Lynmarie -150x150Lyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in choral music education and has taught choir in public high schools and privately coached voice, drama, and oratory.

Her pursuit of excellence is evident as her students brag championships in state, regional, and national competitions.

Lyn has served as a church choir director, theater director or gospel praise team member or assistant director for over 3 decades.

She currently teaches part-time with a local children’s theater academy and is available for voice coaching and voice lessons. She additionally serves as our Studio Manager and Web Master.